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  • IBM Is 100: Will Other Tech Companies Last That Long?

    International Business Machines--that's IBM to you and me--reached an impressive milestone this week: The company turned 100 years old. That longevity is impressive, but many American companies have become institutions. Ford Motors is almost 110 years old, US Steel is also at the 110 year mark, and Sears, Roebuck and Co. is 125 years old this year!

    Written by Peter Suciu18 June 11 05:23
  • Tiny Linux plug PC offers a Cloud computing alternative

    Linux-based plug computers such as the Sheevaplug have been drawing fresh attention for some time already, but on Monday MimoMonitors launched the new MimoPlug, a tiny, cube-shaped contender that's designed as a desktop PC alternative for cloud computing applications.

    Written by Katherine Noyes14 June 11 03:43
  • Linux and ARM power new 10-inch netbooks

    Hardware maker Hercules this week gave Linux fans a nice boost by unveiling two new additions to its eCAFÉ netbook line that use ARM processors and run the open source operating system.

    Written by Katherine Noyes01 April 11 06:01
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing will limit success

    For now, the Apple iPad still stands alone in the tablet arena, but the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is impending, and many are anxiously awaiting the Android tablet. Unfortunately, for all its formidable features and functions, the Galaxy Tab misses the mark on pricing -- and that will be the Achilles heel that prevents the tablet from reaching its potential.

    Written by Tony Bradley12 Oct. 10 06:58
  • Why a Windows tablet is still a bad idea

    Steve Ballmer is known for making big promises -- some bigger than the reality Microsoft can actually deliver. With the 2010 holiday shopping season rapidly approaching, Ballmer insists that we will see Windows tablets by Christmas. If Ballmer really wants to play Santa Claus, though, he would instead abandon the idea entirely and work with vendors to pursue tablets based on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

    Written by Tony Bradley06 Oct. 10 04:28
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  • Tablets still miss the mark for business

    With the impending launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android will finally have a tablet worthy of competing against the Apple iPad.

    Written by Tony Bradley22 Sept. 10 04:56
  • Five ways Google TV can kill Apple TV

    Recently I wrote about how the rumored Apple iTV could help your company with tools including easy videoconferencing and online video libraries.

    Written by Barbara E. Hernandez11 Sept. 10 08:17
  • AutoCAD app proves strengths of iPad

    Autodesk announced that it is bringing AutoCAD back to the Mac, and also adding AutoCAD apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

    Written by Tony Bradley01 Sept. 10 05:49
  • Google tablet with Chrome OS would be a bad match

    If Google is planning to launch a tablet device in the near future, it should bypass its embryonic Chrome OS and instead go with Android, the company's other mobile operating system that's taking the smartphone market by storm.

    Written by Jeff Bertolucci20 Aug. 10 08:23