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  • US gov't wants HTTPS on its publicly-accessible sites within two years

    Publicly accessible websites and services of U.S. government agencies will have to move to HTTPS encryption within two years to meet the government's objective that these sites and Web services should be offered over a secure connection.

    Written by John Ribeiro18 March 15 18:30
  • CIO-CFO Collaboration Critical for Advancing Federal IT

    As the federal government look to cut IT costs, drive efficiencies and advance objectives, department CIOs and CFOs are urged to break down siloes within and among agencies. One idea: Eliminate multiple contracts for services that all government departments use.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin05 June 14 02:54
  • Data.gov gets an open-source revamp

    The U.S. government's portal for the data it creates, Next.Data.gov, is getting a revamp that should make it easier to view and reuse government data.

    Written by Joab Jackson16 July 13 21:25
  • Federal CIOs Say Enterprise Architecture Needs Better Business Focus

    Amid an ongoing overhaul of federal IT, top government leaders stress the need to align enterprise architecture with the mission of departments and agencies. This may mean it will be necessary to bring together two groups that speak fundamentally different languages.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin30 Nov. 12 14:23
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  • Do We Need a Title IX for STEM Workers?

    Senior government official says the landmark education reform bill is a possible template for addressing shortage of technical workers and bridging the gender gap in IT.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin16 May 14 23:57