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News about Open Compute Project
  • Networking's open at last. Now what?

    Networking hardware and spontaneous applause don't often go together, but Facebook's Omar Baldonado set off a round of cheering this week when he told engineers there's finally an open-source hardware design that they can use to build switches.

    Written by Stephen Lawson17 March 15 05:09
  • Facebook nets billions in savings from Open Compute Project

    Facebook, by adhering to the Open Compute Project it founded in October 2011, has saved more than $2 billion over the past three years, a company official said Tuesday at the Open Compute Summit Conference in Silicon Valley.

    Written by Paul Krill12 March 15 00:34
  • Open-source hardware is gaining critical mass

    The Open Compute Project, which wants to open up hardware the same way Linux opened up software, is starting to tackle its forklift problem.

    Written by Stephen Lawson11 March 15 06:20
Features about Open Compute Project
  • How to Use Facebook's Open Sourced Data Center Design to Cut Costs

    When Facebook open sourced its data center and server specifications it paved the way for enterprises of all sizes to save money by following the social network's radical hardware designs. The Open Compute Project Foundation has formalized Facebook's designs into specs, which are freely available. Here are tips for implementing them.

    Written by Paul Rubens01 Nov. 12 16:35