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  • How to Overcome Hidden Barriers to Open Source Adoption

    Ten years ago, open source advocates faced an uphill battle when they tried to implement free software in an organization, while proprietary vendors such as Microsoft spoke out publicly and fiercely against it. Barriers to implementation included worries about security, support, warranties and indemnities, and concerns that the quality of software that was freely available would be inferior to that produced on a commercial basis and licensed for a fee.

    Written by Paul Rubens12 Aug. 14 23:15
Features about Open Source Development
  • Why the open source business model is a failure

    Open source software companies must move to the Cloud and add proprietary code to their products to succeed. The current business model is recipe for failure.

    Written by Paul Rubens06 July 15 23:27
  • Does Microsoft Really Love Open Source?

    Microsoft's relationship with the open source movement has undergone an extraordinary transformation over the last few years, from a deep hostility to what can only be described as an embrace.

    Written by Paul Rubens21 Aug. 14 23:17