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  • Google's surprise: ODF support launches ahead of schedule

    Following the comments by Google's head of open source, Chris DiBona, last week in London, Google has today announced that support for ODF (OpenDocument Format) has now been added to its Google Drive suite of apps. In a post on Google+, the team announced immediate support of ODT (ODF text documents), ODS (spreadsheets) and ODP (presentations), which can now all be imported into Google Docs.

    Written by Simon Phipps17 Dec. 14 07:50
  • InfoWorld Bossies

    InfoWorld's Best of Open Source Software Awards

    Written by InfoWorld staff30 Sept. 14 07:21
  • Bossies 2014: The Best of Open Source Software Awards

    If you hadn't noticed, we're in the midst of an incredible boom in enterprise technology development -- and open source is leading it. You're unlikely to find better proof of that dynamism than this year's Best of Open Source Software Awards, affectionately known as the Bossies.

    Written by Doug Dineley29 Sept. 14 23:25
  • Bossies 2013: The Best of Open Source Software Awards

    This year, the annual Bossie Awards recognize 120 of the best open source software for data centers and clouds, desktops and mobile devices, developers and IT pros

    Written by Peter Wayner17 Sept. 13 10:06
  • Linux Foundation adds members, brings Xen project aboard

    The Linux Foundation announced Monday that three companies have joined the organization -- mobile hardware maker Hisense, application and network acceleration provider Solarflare, and server manufacturer Thomas-Krenn.

    Written by Jon Gold16 April 13 17:02
  • InfoWorld's top 10 emerging enterprise technologies

    Everyone is a trend watcher. But at a certain point, to determine which trends will actually weave their way into the fabric of business computing, you need to first take a hard look at the technologies that gave life to the latest buzz phrases.

    Written by InfoWorld staff21 Nov. 11 22:10