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  • Why big data is big business

    The big data hype cycle is well and truly over, and CIOs need to lead big data projects or risk getting left behind by competitors that are gaining business advantage from analysing the goldmine of data that lives in databases and on the corporate network.

    Written by CIO Staff04 Feb. 15 11:48
  • Open Universities Australia CIO quits

    Open Universities Australia’s chief information officer Michelle Beveridge has quit her post and will be moving to a newly created CIO role at Peak Adventure Travel Group.

    Written by Byron Connolly28 April 14 11:16
  • Taking the university challenge: CFO Matthew Walsh

    The online education sector is growing at a rapid pace internationally. According to research undertaken by analysts at IBISWorld, the sector is one of the top five growing industries, worth $5bn in annual revenue in Australia. It employs nearly 20,000 people and is also expected to outperform the overall economy through 2017-2018.

    Written by Nadia Cameron08 April 13 12:50
  • Open Universities pushes distance education to IT majors

    Online education provider Open Universities Australia is in talks to initiate corporate partnerships with the likes of IBM, HP and other major IT companies in a bid to combat the declining number of qualified IT personnel in the Australian market.

    Written by James Hutchinson17 Feb. 11 16:48
  • Open Universities Australia appoints new GM

    Open Universities Australia (OUA) has announced the appointment of Michelle Beveridge to the role of general manager operations.

    Written by Lisa Banks08 July 10 15:45
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  • Hopping aboard the cloud

    Three very different organisations - Open Universities Australia, Les Mills, and Boeing - talk about how they are using cloud in their operational environments.

    Written by Nadia Cameron, Divina Paredes and Brandon Butler05 June 14 15:17
  • Leading change - Part 2

    There are strong economic and business performance arguments driving the desire to see more women enter the IT workforce. The diversity and workforce lead for IBM Australia and New Zealand, Belinda Curtis, points to several studies demonstrating stronger corporate performance when women represent a high proportion of senior leadership or board positions.

    Written by Brad Howarth07 April 11 06:00