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  • Happy birthday, OpenStack! Now change

    As OpenStack celebrates its third birthday this month, some project backers are reflecting on just how far the project has progressed, while pundits are saying that unless it makes some major changes, there may be less to celebrate in years to come.

    Written by Brandon Butler23 July 13 13:56
  • HP announces Cloud platform based on OpenStack

    HP executives have announced a cloud platform based on OpenStack amid a flurry of other cloud-related announcements at the HP World Tour in Beijing.

    Written by Adam Bender25 June 13 16:42
  • Linux Foundation sees broadening role for developers

    Linux developers were once just that, developers. But their role is changing says the Linux Foundation, which is expanding its training options to help them.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau21 June 13 22:19
  • The time is now for 'Open Ethernet'

    In today's data center you need to be able to add services and hardware without compromising network performance, but the flexibility to tune the network to meet business needs is also mandatory.

    Written by Gilad Shainer, VP of marketing, Mellanox Technologies20 June 13 20:38
  • Forrester: PaaS makes developers happy

    Although the platform as a service (PaaS) market is smaller than both IaaS and SaaS segments of the Cloud computing industry, research firm Forrester says this technology could be one of the most important cloud-based services for businesses moving forward.

    Written by Brandon Butler18 June 13 18:18
  • Startup touts private cloud as a service

    You can buy pretty much anything in IT today "as a service," and now it's come to this: 2011 startup company named Metacloud claims to be one of the first to offer a cloud-based service of cloud computing resources.

    Written by Brandon Butler12 June 13 18:41
  • Get ready for a flood of new Hadoop apps

    The latest release of Apache Hadoop code includes a new workload management tool that backers of the project say will make it easier for developers to build applications for the big data platform.

    Written by Brandon Butler03 June 13 21:27
  • Dell 'refining' plans for OpenStack-powered public cloud

    Fresh off the acquisition of a company that specializes in helping customers manage resources across multiple public clouds, Dell said it is "refining" its own plans to build a public cloud based on OpenStack.

    Written by Brandon Butler15 May 13 16:08