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  • IBM says OpenStack will be central to its future cloud strategy

    Already a platinum member of the cloud operating system platform OpenStack, IBM officials said open source code from the project will be the foundation of the company's cloud strategy moving forward, including a new product it announced today.

    Written by Brandon Butler04 March 13 23:33
  • OnApp: The most popular Cloud platform you've probably never heard of

    For a company that has powered 2000 Clouds with more than 500 service providers in 40 countries, London-based OnApp has largely flown under the radar of industry watchers. But that could be changing for OnApp, which has built up an impressive cloud management platform, complete with an integrated content delivery network and a new storage-area network that it released today in the 3.0 version of its product.

    Written by Brandon Butler20 Feb. 13 16:34
  • DIY Cloud: Choosing your own virtual machine image sizes

    Amazon Web Services, seen by many as the market-leading infrastructure cloud computing provider, has a pretty full shelf of virtual machine (VM) image sizes for customers to spin up in its Cloud -- 17 separate instance VM sizes are listed on the company's website, in fact.

    Written by Brandon Butler15 Feb. 13 17:13
  • Startup takes aim at multi-hypervisor management

    An updated version of software from startup HotLink aims to ease the management of multi-hypervisor environments, as well as provision off-premises resources, like VMs from Amazon's cloud, all from VMware's vCenter management console.

    Written by Brandon Butler22 Jan. 13 18:15
  • Cloud service partnerships could boom in 2013

    Cloud service providers will seek out partnerships to offer a wider breadth of services that customers are increasingly demanding, a new report from research firm Current Analysis predicts.

    Written by Brandon Butler11 Jan. 13 18:01
  • Amazon's cloud hiccups, again

    Less than a month after a 12-hour-plus outage on Christmas Eve, Amazon Web Service's Elastic Block Storage (EBS) service in its US-East availability zone experienced elevated error rates for about 45 minutes today.

    Written by Brandon Butler09 Jan. 13 21:57
  • Dell may wait until end of year to join public cloud market

    Dell may wait until the end of this year to launch its anticipated public cloud, a vice president with the company told Network World sister site ITWorld, a move that puts the company behind other big-name vendors that are already executing on their cloud strategies.

    Written by Brandon Butler03 Jan. 13 17:14
  • Gartner: Top 10 cloud storage providers

    According to a Gartner survey, about 19% of organizations are using the cloud for production computing, while 20% are using public cloud storage services.

    Written by Brandon Butler03 Jan. 13 15:15
  • Technologies to watch 2013: OpenStack cloud backers hope 2013 is the year of user adoption

    In the cloud computing market, there are a handful of major vendors. Most agree Amazon Web Services is a market leader on the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) side, but Microsoft, Google and younger companies like Joyent are looking to dethrone AWS. And then there's OpenStack, which is for almost everyone else.

    Written by Brandon Butler02 Jan. 13 12:04