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  • Best IT resolutions for 2013

    It's that time of year when IT executives' thoughts turn to setting resolutions for the new year. We've talked to CIOs, IT analysts and other industry experts about the major trends for 2013 to come up with our own list of suggested IT resolutions.

    Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan02 Jan. 13 12:04
  • 10 of the most useful cloud databases

    Big data is becoming a big deal and cloud providers want to be the place where enterprises databases live.

    Written by Brandon Butler19 Dec. 12 11:39
  • Amazon allows users to spread workloads more broadly now

    Amazon Web Services today announced a new feature that allows users to replicate block storage volumes across regions of the world, which will make it easier for systems to stay up in case of a cloud outage.

    Written by Brandon Butler18 Dec. 12 18:00
  • 16 of the most useful cloud management tools

    One of the biggest concerns users have with public cloud resources is not knowing how much they will cost, given the pay-as-you-go model.

    Written by Brandon Butler17 Dec. 12 20:01
  • Amazon makes it easier to track costs, usage in its cloud

    Somewhat undercutting a budding ecosystem of vendors that provide similar services, Amazon Web Services today announced increased features for customers to track their usage of AWS public cloud resources.

    Written by Brandon Butler14 Dec. 12 17:04
  • Rackspace follows Amazon in beefing up its database tools

    Following major announcements from Amazon Web Services in recent weeks around data warehousing and management, Rackspace today announced new capabilities for database hosting and management.

    Written by Brandon Butler13 Dec. 12 18:01
  • Weather Channel forecasts heavier reliance on cloud computing

    During Hurricane Sandy this fall, The Weather Channel experienced its highest traffic ever. Normally the media company -- which spans television, desktop and mobile platforms -- supports about 90 million Web and mobile users a month. During Sandy, that jumped to 450 million -- nearly double the company's previous high for Web traffic.

    Written by Brandon Butler11 Dec. 12 18:01
  • Consultancy launches DIY cloud, OpenStack-style

    Cloud consultancy Mirantis today released a series of support options to help customers launch test or full-scale deployments of OpenStack-powered clouds.

    Written by Brandon Butler10 Dec. 12 23:04
  • SDN switch company takes aim at the cloud

    SDN switch vendor Pica8 this week unveiled a reference architecture intended to help cloud providers develop their programmable networks using Pica8 products.

    Written by Jim Duffy10 Dec. 12 14:11
  • Windows shops now more welcome in Amazon cloud

    Amazon Web Services has announced support for a handful of Windows Server applications in its public cloud, the company's latest move to attract enterprise IT shops.

    Written by Brandon Butler04 Dec. 12 21:00