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News about Oracle-Sun merger
  • Microsoft won't stop .Net on Android

    Oracle's patent and copyright lawsuit against Google for its use of Java in Android won't be repeated by Microsoft if .Net is used on the Linux-based mobile operating system instead.

    Written by Rodney Gedda27 Aug. 10 09:34
  • Oracle to lay off more Sun workers

    Oracle is making further job cuts related to its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, primarily in Europe and Asia, the company said in a regulatory filing Friday.

    Written by James Niccolai07 June 10 04:31
  • Oracle to scale back Sun server line, make other changes

    Oracle will pare back Sun Microsystems' server lines and move to a build-to-order model to cut costs and get the hardware company back to profitability, Oracle executives said on Wednesday.

    Written by James Niccolai28 Jan. 10 07:09
  • Oracle-Sun merger foes head East

    With the European Commission seen as virtually certain to approve Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems in just a week, those campaigning to prevent the deal encompassing Sun's MySQL database unit have shifted their efforts to regulators in Russia and China.

    Written by Paul Meller19 Jan. 10 02:35
  • Oracle's pledges on MySQL are 'purely cosmetic', say critics

    Oracle's latest commitments designed to address the European Commission's concerns regarding its acquisition of Sun Microsystems and the MySQL database are paper thin, and even if they were confirmed they wouldn't safeguard MySQL's future, said Florian Mueller, an outspoken critic of the deal, on Monday.

    Written by Paul Meller15 Dec. 09 06:08
Features about Oracle-Sun merger
  • Oracle Aims to Be the Apple of Data Centre Hardware

    Oracle argues that its purchase of Sun will lead to better integrated and more efficient data centre appliances -- with all the user-friendliness of Apple iPhones. But analysts are not so sure.

    Written by Robert Lemos12 May 09 02:44