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  • CES Scorecard: the biggest misses of CES 2013

    Love it or hate it, the annual International CES is the way the year begins for many people in the consumer electronics industry. Next week in Las Vegas, companies will present their vision of things to come, some of it grounded in fact and some pure speculation. For all the solid technology on show, there's an equal amount of "throw it out and see what sticks" gadgets and gizmos.

    Written by Martyn Williams03 Jan. 14 17:39
  • HP sues seven optical drive makers over price-fixing

    HP has filed suit against seven makers of optical disk drive technology, claiming that over a six-year period the group conspired to drive up the price of products sold to HP and others.

    Written by Lucas Mearian28 Oct. 13 18:57
  • Sony, Panasonic show consumer 4K camcorders

    Sony is set to become the first company to offer a consumer-grade camcorder that shoots at four times the detail of today's best high-definition images.

    Written by Martyn Williams08 Sept. 13 21:44
  • Panasonic pleads guilty to laptop battery pack price fixing

    Panasonic and its subsidiary Sanyo have agreed to plead guilty to price fixing conspiracies involving laptop battery cells and automotive parts. They will pay a total of $56.5 million in criminal fines, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) said.

    Written by Loek Essers19 July 13 12:17
  • The new faces of tablets

    Try this, try that and see what entices customers. That's the mantra for tablet makers that are experimenting with new tablet features in the elusive quest to deliver the next big hit.

    Written by Agam Shah13 March 13 19:37
  • IBM cements 20 years of patent dominance

    IBM earned 6,478 utility patents last year, topping the list of patent winners for the 20th year in a row, according to data from IFI CLAIMS Patent Services. With its record haul, Big Blue bested its 2011 patent tally by 5%.

    Written by Ann Bednarz10 Jan. 13 13:58
  • Panasonic teams with IBM on smart appliances, and GM for car app platform

    Panasonic has grabbed headlines this week with impressive 4K TV and tablet demos, but the company is also stressing expansion beyond its struggling consumer electronics business, announcing partnerships with the likes of IBM and General Motors.

    Written by Jay Alabaster09 Jan. 13 10:57