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  • Hollywood pushes movie streaming standard, UltraViolet

    The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), a group of 58 Hollywood studios and technology companies, is pinning its hopes for the future of entertainment on UltraViolet, an online digital locker that would allow you to buy a movie once, and stream it over the Internet for free on any other compatible devices.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu21 July 10 02:17
  • Panasonic adds touchscreen to new Micro Four Thirds camera

    Panasonic announced two new additions to its interchangeable-lens Micro Four Thirds camera stable today. The announcement itself is no surprise--in fact, we'd been expecting new Micro Four Thirds cameras from Panasonic at CES or PMA earlier this year--but the details of the new cameras offered an unexpected twist.

    Written by Tim Moynihan09 March 10 03:08
  • Panasonic has big plans for robots

    Panasonic is getting serious about robotics and has begun a push to commercialize a series of robots over the next few years.

    Written by Martyn Williams16 Oct. 09 22:32
  • Panasonic shows robotic bed that becomes wheelchair

    Panasonic has developed a robotic bed that transforms into a wheelchair at the command of the user. It's designed for people who have limited mobility and is intended to provide an extra level of independence.

    Written by Martyn Williams02 Oct. 09 07:40