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  • With pandemic alert, firms urged to review disaster recovery

    With the first flu pandemic in 41 years officially declared today by The World Health Organization (WHO), companies are again being urged to make sure that business continuity plans are in place and they're prepared for the outbreak.

    Written by Lucas Mearian12 June 09 07:53
Features about pandemic
  • Swine Flu Prompts Aussie CIOs to Revisit Business Continuity Plans

    Australian health authorities may have given the all clear for two local suspected cases of the [[artnid:300804|swine flu virus|new]] -- which has killed more than 80 people in Mexico and infected 20 in the United States -- but concern over the spread of the potentially fatal disease has local CIOs revisiting their business continuity plans (BCP).

    Written by Tim Lohman28 April 09 10:28
  • Preparing for a Pandemic: A Primer

    With the possibility of a swine flu pandemic in mind, CIO has put this collection of preparedness articles together to help companies review their own plans.

    Written by CIO Staff30 April 09 08:00
  • A Pandemic Planner

    What you can do to prepare.

    Written by Katherine Walsh01 Nov. 06 14:22
  • You'll Sneeze If Your Suppliers Get the Flu

    A simulation at MIT of an avian flu outbreak in China underscores the need for companies to consider possible supply chain disruptions as part of their plans for handling emergencies

    Written by CSO staff01 June 06 12:49
  • Preparing Businesses for a Pandemic

    A global virus affecting more than a quarter of the world's population is an unpalatable, but increasingly likely prospect. The impact on human life could be catastrophic, but the potential economic impact to organizations across the world also cannot be ignored.

    Written by Martin Byrne and Robert Dyson02 May 06 15:51