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  • Paul Budde: Politics needs to be taken out of NBN for it to succeed

    Australia is falling even further down the international ladder of broadband speeds and 'political blinkers' must be taken off service strategies if the national broadband network is to succeed, telco analyst Paul Budde said in his latest analysis.

    Written by Lilia Guan26 March 19 10:35
  • Telco analyst rails against NBN financial model

    Telco analyst Paul Budde continues to hit out at one of the most talked about infrastructure projects in recent times, criticising the current financial model of the national broadband network and skeptical whether we will get NBN 3.0 right this time.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien13 Feb. 19 10:18
  • Paul Budde weighs in on Morrow’s departure

    Bill Morrow is leaving NBN Co at perhaps the worst time: just as the 2019 federal election looms, according to prominent telecommunications analyst Paul Budde.

    Written by Byron Connolly04 April 18 16:31
  • ​Fiber Corp rolling out NBN alternative

    Fibre optics provider, Fiber Corp, is promising broadband speeds of between 200Mb/s and 10Gb/s at new residential and commercial developments across Sydney.

    Written by Byron Connolly13 Dec. 16 09:44
  • Contractor asbestos supervision 'not sufficient': Telstra

    Telstra has directed contractors to improve asbestos handling procedures after a review by the telco found deficiencies in the way the fibrous material has been treated during the remediation of its pits and pipes.

    Written by Stephanie McDonald20 June 13 11:03