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  • Security standards council cuts through PCI cloud confusion

    Can you hold Payment Card Information (PCI) data in a cloud-based service? Yes, but doing so isn't straightforward, so the PCI Security Standards Council has published a guideline that clarifies what approaches compliance-minded businesses can take.

    Written by Ellen Messmer07 Feb. 13 17:01
  • PCI Council Releases Guidelines for Cloud Compliance

    A new set of guidelines from the PCI Security Standards Council is intended to help merchants and cloud services providers comply with the PCI DSS when handling payment card data on the web.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud07 Feb. 13 16:23
  • Building a fortress in the cloud for your critical data

    Businesses are in the crosshairs as military and spy organizations around the world step up their cyber-snooping techniques, and the shift to cloud is only exacerbating the risks. How can you be sure your cloud partner is capable of protecting your data from cyberattacks?

    Written by Jose Albino, director of operations and compliance, Hughes Cloud Services26 Nov. 12 17:54
  • What is PCI compliance?

    If you're wondering exactly what is PCI compliance, the chances are you're one of the many business owners in Australia who've asked themselves this same question. Before answering this question, it's useful to begin by looking at what PCI (and its counterpart DSS) stands for.

    Written by CIO Staff09 Sept. 11 13:09
  • SecTor 2010: Why security is the enemy of privacy

    As we noted in last year's CSO article, "Six ways we gave up our privacy," people are increasingly -- and willingly -- throwing their privacy to the wind, thanks to an addiction to Google apps, GPS devices, the BlackBerry, iPhone and Android, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some security experts believe privacy is dead already.

    Written by Bill Brenner27 Oct. 10 03:28
  • Companies need to get PCI compliance savvy

    Payment card industry (PCI) compliance knowledge is sorely lacking among Australian companies and needs to improve before the next deadline later this year, according to Bridge Point Communications director, Tim Smith.

    Written by Hamish Barwick27 Oct. 10 11:11
  • Meeting the new PCI wireless requirements

    Beginning Sept. 30, Visa will require merchants and related businesses to conduct wireless security scans to prove compliance with version 1.2 of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is designed to safeguard cardholder data from wireless threats.

    Written by Ajay Kumar Gupta25 Sept. 10 03:34
  • Why 41 Percent of You Would Fail a PCI Audit

    Security vendors are launching a gazillion products this week at RSA Conference 2010, but hidden in all of those press releases are a few nuggets that illustrate the big picture trends.

    Written by Bill Brenner02 March 10 04:05
  • Australian company achieves PCI DSS certification

    The burden of payment card industry (PCI) compliance is costing Australian companies thousands of dollars each month as organizations struggle to meet the stringent requirements of the data security standard known as PCI DSS.

    Written by Georgina Swan04 Aug. 09 09:09