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  • CIO year in review

    2014 was an eventful year for CIOs, with many starting new initiatives in mobility, wearables, machine learning and tapping into open data. Many CIOs also decided to change jobs and move to greener pastures.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett18 Dec. 14 14:07
  • Why clinicians don’t like national e-health

    If a recent survey by Australian Doctor is anything to go by, many general practitioners (GPs) across the country don’t want to participate in the challenged national e-health program.

    Written by Brett Avery25 Sept. 13 13:45
  • Opinion: Why national e-health is not for everyone

    The national e-health initiative is missing its take-up targets. According to a report last month in The Australian, the federal government hoped to see 500,000 Australians with a personally-controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) by July, but as of early March there were only 73,648 consumer registrations.

    Written by Brett Avery13 May 13 15:08