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  • Is Charles Phillips leaving Oracle?

    Oracle co-President Charles Phillips may soon be leaving the company after some public missteps and a recent change in Oracle's upper management, a financial analyst company said Wednesday in a research note to its clients.

    Written by James Niccolai02 Sept. 10 06:31
  • Red Hat board gets military leadership

    The managing board of enterprise open-source software company Red Hat has elected a retired U.S. Army officer, General Henry Hugh Shelton, to serve as chairman, the company announced Monday. Shelton takes the place of Matthew Szulik, who was the former CEO of Red Hat.

    Written by Joab Jackson31 Aug. 10 01:41
  • HP after Hurd: 'We're looking forward, not back'

    Hewlett-Packard announced its third-quarter financial results on Thursday and insisted it was "looking forward, not back" following the surprise departure two weeks ago of Chairman and CEO Mark Hurd.

    Written by James Niccolai20 Aug. 10 08:00
  • Softcore porn star linked to former HP CEO's resignation

    Last Friday Mark Hurd resigned his post as CEO of computer maker HP over "inappropriate conduct" with a contractor working for the company. Monday it was revealed that the contractor was Jodie Fisher, who starred in such soft porn movies as "Sheer Passion," "Body of Influence," and "Intimate Obsession."

    Written by John P. Mello Jr.10 Aug. 10 01:15
  • Network admin Terry Childs gets 4-year sentence

    A City of San Francisco administrator who refused to hand over administrative passwords to the city's network was sentenced to four years in state prison Friday.

    Written by Robert McMillan09 Aug. 10 05:04
  • Hurd walks away with more than US$12 million

    Mark Hurd may have been forced to resign as CEO of HP for conduct deemed inappropriate by his board, but he won't be leaving empty-handed.

    Written by Nancy Gohring07 Aug. 10 09:13
  • Microsoft: Alleged spy worked as a software tester

    The 12th person detained for allegedly spying for Russia worked as an entry-level software tester at Microsoft for nine months, the company confirmed Wednesday.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk15 July 10 01:33
  • VMware co-founder tackles virtualization at Cisco

    The five visionary tech executives who created VMware and launched the x86 virtualization market have kept low public profiles in recent years, with four leaving VMware as the company gets remade by owner EMC.

    Written by Jon Brodkin29 June 10 09:24