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  • Generation Nervous? Millennial searches focus on anxiety meds

    An analysis of U.S. employee web searches for healthcare services showed that millennials search more frequently for anti-anxiety meds and women use specific medical terms while men tend to generalize.

    Written by Lucas Mearian08 Oct. 14 11:33
  • H-1B whistleblower files new federal lawsuit

    H-1B whistleblower Jay Palmer filed a civil lawsuit Thursday against Infosys, in another bid for damages over allegations of ill-treatment. It is Palmer's second attack in federal court, but it takes a new approach by citing the whistleblower protections in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau03 Oct. 14 09:31
  • Larry Ellison's best zingers: a look back

    Few CEOs have been as consistently entertaining as Larry Ellison. Love him or hate him, you can depend on him to liven up a speech with a put-down, a faux pas or a zinger for a competitor. Reporters joke that his public relations staff must take a lot of Xanax before he takes the stage. You never know what he's going to say next.

    Written by James Niccolai19 Sept. 14 09:42
  • Steve Jobs' office at Apple remains exactly as he left it

    Steve Jobs' office at Apple remains intact, and looks exactly the way it did when he passed away in October of 2012. This tidbit first came to the surface when a video clip of Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose was released earlier this week.

    Written by Yoni Heisler18 Sept. 14 05:24
  • Use of forced labor 'systemic' in Malaysian IT manufacturing

    The use of forced labor is so prevalent in the Malaysian electronics manufacturing industry that there is hardly a major brand name that isn't touched by the illegal practice, according to a report to be published Wednesday.

    Written by Martyn Williams17 Sept. 14 14:02