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  • Microsoft promises Nadella up to $18M for fiscal year 2015

    Microsoft this week set Satya Nadella's annual base salary at $1.2 million, nearly twice his predecessor's but right on the average of CEOs in the tech industry, an executive compensation expert said today.

    Written by Gregg Keizer06 Feb. 14 17:00
  • Amazon ratchets up enterprise cloud focus

    If there's one overarching theme of Amazon Web Services' second annual cloud user conference, it's that this company is aiming for enterprise.

    Written by Brandon Butler14 Nov. 13 16:10
  • Three easy ways to get better at the hard stuff

    The old adage that "the soft stuff is the hard stuff" certainly applies to CIOs. Consider the many new ways we work together today as companies adopt global shared services, enterprisewide architectures and systems, and entirely new business models that arrive in mergers and acquisitions or outsourcing arrangements. All this requires finely honed skills in transformation and transition.

    Written by Madeline Weiss and June Drewry16 Dec. 11 12:56
  • Pfizer's Future Depends on IT Transformation

    Chip-munching, sedentary people have made Pfizer a bundle of money. Lipitor, a drug that lowers cholesterol, ranks as Pfizer's top-selling pill for 12 years running. A blockbuster among blockbusters, Lipitor brought in $10.7 billion, or 16 percent, of the company's $67.8 billion in revenues last year.

    Written by Kim S. Nash01 Nov. 11 03:27
  • Start-up transforms unused desktop cycles into fast server clusters

    When you consider technologies that make corporate IT more efficient by improving utilization of computing resources, <a href="">VMware</a> and its x86 virtualization software may be what that comes to mind.

    Written by Jon Brodkin30 Nov. 10 08:35