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  • Set up your printer to save ink and paper

    Whatever else you may do with your PC, it's likely that you print out at very least the odd letter, document or photograph. Papers and inks can be expensive, so printing wisely isn't just a matter of choosing the right printer for the job; you also need to ensure it's properly set up.

    Written by Sandra Vogel12 Aug. 10 15:42
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  • As the digital revolution kills jobs, social unrest will rise

    Gartner is forecasting some major changes in technology, especially in areas like 3D printing, machine learning and voice recognition. They are all powerful trends that will reduce the need for workers, and, as a consequence, bring social unrest, the analyst firm said.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau07 Oct. 13 21:44
  • Making it real with 3D printing

    With a 3D printer that costs less than $3,000, you can start your own mini manufacturing operation -- and use open source software to create surprisingly complex designs

    Written by Drew Nelson11 Dec. 12 11:14
  • Why People Love to Hate Their Office Printers

    Who hasn't wanted to take a bat to their office printer? From confusing error messages to unfixable paper jams, today's office printer is a source of frustration and angst. This is why we hate you, office printer. And yet we can't quit you, either.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum13 July 10 11:40
  • The Fine Print(ing)

    CIOs are finding that getting printing under control not only saves money, it opens the door to thinking about their printing requirements more strategically

    Written by Brad Howarth08 April 10 16:12