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  • Optus joins the private cloud

    Optus’s business division and its subsidiary Alphawest today announced the launch of a new scalable commercial enterprise ‘cloud’ service — Optus Cloud Solutions — which will be available to enterprise customers from 1 October.

    Written by Jenna Pitcher14 Sept. 10 14:46
  • AMP dumps Lotus Notes in move to cloud email

    Financial services giant AMP this afternoon revealed that it would ditch its Lotus Notes/Domino installation as part of a shift to Microsoft's Outlook/Exchange platform hosted by CSC Australia.

    Written by Renai LeMay27 July 10 10:18
  • AMP chooses CSC to move into the cloud

    CSC's heavy push into cloud computing services earlier this year has already paid off, with financial services group AMP this morning revealing it had selected the IT services giant to host its Microsoft-based email and collaboration needs.

    Written by Renai LeMay26 July 10 09:28
  • Amazon EC2 creator launches private cloud start-up

    The "private cloud" is a popular phrase in IT these days, but often a meaningless one, with tech vendors slapping the label on any old product that happens to make an existing IT function slightly more efficient.

    Written by Jon Brodkin24 June 10 01:33
  • Wesfarmers insurance modernises with private cloud

    Retail giant Wesfarmers has deployed a Web-based consumer insurance application on a private cloud and is leveraging it to transform its legacy commercial insurance architecture.

    Written by Rodney Gedda27 May 10 10:03
  • Private cloud: Self-service IT at your command

    The definition of "private cloud" tends to vary from source to source, but at First American Corp. in Santa Ana, Calif., which is building a private cloud, the benefits are crystal clear: the project will eliminate busy work for IT professionals while giving users more control over their IT resources.

    Written by Jon Brodkin08 Dec. 09 08:57