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  • CIOs rake in the big bucks

    It pays to be CIO -- millions, in some cases. Take Filippo Passerini. He joined Procter & Gamble in 1981 as a systems analyst in Italy and rose through the techie ranks. Today Passerini is CIO and leads the company's global business services organization -- a dual role that netted him $5 million last year.

    Written by Ann Bednarz09 Oct. 13 15:57
  • Maile Carnegie new Google ANZ boss

    Google Australia and New Zealand has appointed Procter & Gamble (P&G) boss Maile Carnegie as its new managing director.

    Written by Computerworld Staff16 May 13 11:34
  • Box CEO Aaron Levie: The post-PC era and our partnerships will help us win

    It's no surprise that Box, the content management and collaboration company born in the cloud, has met with so much success among small-to-medium businesses. The service provides SMBs with the kind of enterprise-class content capabilities that they didn't have the money and resources to deploy before.

    Written by John Gallant and Matt Rosoff, CITEworld04 April 13 20:11
  • Overcoming volatility with agility

    Computerworld's Premier 100 conference opened Monday with a keynote topic that was close to the hearts of many of the 500 IT professionals in attendance: an obscure acronym called VUCA.

    Written by Matt Hamblen04 March 13 19:48
  • Software firms go to Washington to defend patents

    Software patents, facing new scrutiny in the U.S., drive innovation and protect huge investments by developers, representatives of software companies said during a Capitol Hill briefing.

    Written by Grant Gross21 Feb. 13 18:16
  • The Secret to Forging Valuable Partnerships

    When everyone is touting the value of partnerships, how do top CIOs distinguish a true strategic partnership from the many service provider, supplier and competitor arrangements?

    Written by Madeline Weiss and June Drewry01 Nov. 11 09:14
  • Program links small manufacturers with supercomputers

    About US$4.5 million in grants from the U.S. Department of Commerce and private companies will create a program to link small manufacturers in the U.S. Midwest with supercomputing resources, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

    Written by Grant Gross03 March 11 08:31
  • Five things CIOs need to know about mobile printing

    It's in demand. As mobile devices become more capable, users want the ability to print from them. Imagine an executive visiting a remote branch office and getting e-mailed a PDF of an important document to review. Which do you think he'd rather do: Ruin his eyes trying to read it on his 3-inch BlackBerry screen? Or send it to the nearest multifunction printer? Mobile devices are everywhere, and users increasingly expect to have the option to print when it's convenient.

    Written by David F. Carr24 Nov. 10 09:38
  • 2010 CIO Hall of Fame inductees tout business breakthroughs

    The five accomplished executives we induct this year into the CIO Hall of Fame are leaders defined by the drive to test themselves and, in the process, push their organizations to new heights. They combine superb management with technology prowess to produce a line of sustained financial results for the public and private sectors.

    Written by Kim S. Nash02 Nov. 10 02:51
  • Google is world's most attractive employer; Microsoft drops

    Google is the "world's most attractive employer" based on a survey of 130,000 career seekers with an education in business or engineering, according to Universum, a consulting firm that focuses on employer branding.

    Written by Jon Brodkin29 Sept. 10 07:44