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  • Health tips for Unix systems

    Things to watch and tools to use to make sure your Unix/Linux systems maintain their health and vigor

    Written by Sandra Henry-Stocker10 May 17 22:23
  • Saving time by repeating history

    clever use of history commands to help you move faster on the command line

    Written by Sandra Henry-Stocker01 Oct. 16 03:31
  • Making your command line more helpful and fun!

    You can do a lot more with your command line font colors than turn them on and off. How about picking your own colors? How about customizing your prompt so that it balks when you make a mistake?

    Written by Sandra Henry-Stocker21 April 16 22:51
  • The artistry of top

    The top command's many options allow you to be creative when you're looking into system performance

    Written by Sandra Henry-Stocker30 March 16 10:31
  • Having your way with rsync

    With the right group of options, you can get rsync to do just what you want and nothing more

    Written by Sandra Henry-Stocker08 March 16 13:02