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  • Is process hampering your project success?

    Project failures continue to occur despite the countless numbers of audits, reports, anecdotes, consultants and speeches in the public domain advising senior management on what not to do when it comes to project delivery.

    Written by Colin Ellis15 Sept. 14 14:17
  • How complexity is clogging your project environments

    Consider this scenario. A government department charged with delivering the IT component of a massive infrastructure program recognised complexity caused its $3 billion project environment to perform in, at times, mystifying ways.

    Written by Corinne Forrest23 June 14 13:43
  • Create a culture of service, not process

    Is your project management office (PMO) seen by your business as a great black hole of cost and despair? Adopting a customer service mind set might help change that view.

    Written by Corinne Forrest and Matthew Rowe04 Nov. 13 14:30