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  • WA path lab system project management slammed by auditor

    Two years late and $23.7 million over budget, the roll-out of a pathology lab information system by the Western Australia government has been slammed by the state’s auditor general.

    Written by George Nott19 June 19 15:51
  • ​When the stars are aligned, use Agile

    While the Agile approach to systems development has many proponents, but it is not a panacea for management seeking to quickly seize a business opportunity.

    Written by Alan Hansell03 Feb. 16 10:48
  • Strategise to succeed

    Have you ever worked in an organisation that doesn’t have an IT strategy? I have and it was messy. The IT team spent huge amounts of time and effort identifying what the plans were and how they aligned with the business.

    Written by Fi Slaven21 Feb. 14 09:45
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  • Why Are So Many IT Projects Failing?

    A recent study reports that 50 percent of companies had an IT project fail in the last 12 months. Business leaders who blame IT are missing the real project management issues.

    Written by Sharon Florentine04 Dec. 13 18:50

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  • 10 Tips for Better Project Estimates

    A key success factor for projects is accurate estimation. However, poor estimation ability remains one of the most cited problems that organizations face today. Poor estimation is the leading cause of project delays; continued crisis mode operation; resources being shifted haphazardly; and other common business risks. In this whitepaper, find out the top 10 tips for better project estimations!