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  • AustCyber opens fund-matching scheme

    ​​The Australian Cyber Security Growth Network – AustCyber – is seeking expression of interest from industry-led cyber security projects that want access to up to $3 million in funding.

    Written by George Nott17 Jan. 18 16:27
  • A project stuck in the playground

    Like two children fighting in the schoolyard, Brisbane City Council (BCC) and TechnologyOne are playing out a very public battle.

    Written by Colin Ellis01 Aug. 17 14:08
  • ​When the stars are aligned, use Agile

    While the Agile approach to systems development has many proponents, but it is not a panacea for management seeking to quickly seize a business opportunity.

    Written by Alan Hansell03 Feb. 16 10:48
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  • Want to change your culture? Start with your projects

    Culture change is hard, that’s why few organisations take it on. There’s a reliance on new people coming in to an organisation to drive change in a way that hasn’t been seen before and yet all too often those people will come up against brick walls.

    Written by Colin Ellis03 Feb. 15 10:48
  • State of the CIO 2014

    CIOs no longer sit outside the business, and they know it. They are working more closely with other c-level executives and aligning themselves with business outcomes and priorities, according CIO's 2014 State of the CIO survey.

    Written by Byron Connolly08 Sept. 14 13:56