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  • Social networks continue to eat news publishers' lunch

    Social sites have helped spawn many new industries, but they're also a real threat to online news publishers, who are increasingly squeezed out by algorithms, ad blockers and audiences that don't care where their news come from, according a new report.

    Written by Matt Kapko17 June 16 07:01
  • Lessons from The Daily's iPad app failure

    The Daily's demise may appear to be a big blow to the future of iPad magazines -- but it shouldn't. Tablet publishers can learn a great deal from The Daily's shortcomings.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige03 Dec. 12 20:59
  • Lonely Planet embraces digital amid disruption in publishing

    Lonely Planet had to quickly adapt to a digital world to stay relevant as a publisher of travel guides. Known for physical books, the company overhauled its Web presence and publishing processes to meet consumer demand for real-time and mobile tourist information, according to Lonely Planet online platform manager, Darragh Kennedy.

    Written by Adam Bender30 Oct. 12 09:00
  • Yahoo to shut down small-publisher ad network

    Yahoo plans to close a beta advertising service through which small online publishers, such as individual bloggers, signed up to carry ads sold and distributed by the company in exchange for a commission.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez01 April 10 07:41
  • Ericsson courts online publishers with mobile payments

    Ericsson will soon launch a platform designed to let consumers buy online content such as news stories with the charge billed to their mobile phone rather than other payment methods, such as a credit card.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk20 Oct. 09 08:37
Features about publishing
  • Publishing 2.0

    Social networks, e-readers and other technologies are transforming the publishing industry and heralding a new era of reading and learning.

    Written by Brad Howarth24 Sept. 09 06:37