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QlikView integrates Chatter into BI

    Business intelligence vendor, QlikTech, will add social capabilities to its QlikView Business Discovery platform, using Chatter Connect from Salesforce.com to up its collaborative credentials. The idea is to allow users to share information within workgroups and teams.

    Written by CIO Staff01 Sept. 11 02:10
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  • Big data - Part 2

    A second technology making a significant impact on solving Big Data problems is in-memory computing, which takes workloads that were traditionally resident on disk-based storage and moves them into main memory. This delivers a performance improvement many times above that which has been possible previously.

    Written by Brad Howarth20 Sept. 11 10:12
  • In-memory computing

    The massive explosion in data volumes collected by many organisations has brought with it an accompanying headache in terms of putting it to gainful use. Businesses increasingly need to make quick decisions, and pressure is mounting on IT departments to provide solutions that deliver quality data much faster than has been possible before. The days of trapping information in a data warehouse for retrospective analysis are fading in favour of event-driven systems that can provide data and enable decisions in real time.

    Written by Brad Howarth20 Jan. 11 09:33