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  • Startup Digital Ocean lands $37m to take on Amazon in the Cloud

    There are a lot of big names in the public cloud computing market: Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Rackspace among them. And here's another company that's looking to make that list one day: Digital Ocean.

    Written by Brandon Butler06 March 14 19:16
  • Cloud optimisation tools go hybrid

    One of the hottest categories of tools to help manage your Cloud computing deployment has been optimisation and price performance services that recommend how you can more efficiently use Cloud resources. Up until now, however, these services have been focused on public Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.

    Written by Brandon Butler11 Feb. 14 18:42
  • Rackspace CEO, Lanham Napier, retires

    Rackspace CEO, Lanham Napier, is retiring and that co-founder and executive chairman, Graham Weston, is filling the role for now.

    Written by Brandon Butler10 Feb. 14 23:28
  • An OpenStack Primer for IT Executives

    OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform, has garnered the support of more than 200 IT vendors. Enterprises embrace the platform for its flexible, hardware-agnostic architecture -- but they should realize that this modularity can come at a cost.

    Written by Ed Tittel16 Jan. 14 13:38
  • Hybrid cloud: The year of adoption is upon us

    2013 was the year vendors got their hybrid cloud strategies out in the open, and 2014 will be the year when customers start using them.

    Written by Brandon Butler02 Jan. 14 11:56
  • Report: Salesforce.com joining OpenStack

    Salesforce.com, the preeminent software as a service (SaaS) company, is reportedly joining the open source OpenStack project.

    Written by Brandon Butler17 Dec. 13 19:28
  • Cloud consolidation: CenturyLink buys nifty little IaaS provider Tier 3

    Telecommunications giant CenturyLink has made another acquisition in the cloud computing market, this time of innovative public IaaS provider Tier 3. It adds to the company's arsenal of cloud computing offerings and shows the dynamic nature of companies jostling for position in the market.

    Written by Brandon Butler19 Nov. 13 18:08
  • Rightscale launches analytics on top of multi-cloud management tool

    RightScale today came out with new functionality for its cloud management portfolio that helps customers not only control resources from multiple public clouds but also provide analytical insight about how those resources are being used.

    Written by Brandon Butler07 Nov. 13 21:27
  • Microsoft Azure gaining ground on Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services next week will host its second customer conference, which is sure to grab headlines and be the center of cloud industry discussion. But, as Amazon continues its run leading the IaaS market, Microsoft has slowly but surely been building up its Windows Azure cloud with the intention of giving AWS a run for its money.

    Written by Brandon Butler06 Nov. 13 22:18
  • Cloud news: Amazon targets high-speed graphics; Rackspace boosts VM performance

    Two of the leading Cloud computing providers have announced significant revisions to their on-demand virtual machines, with Rackspace rolling out new higher performing SSD-based VMs, and Amazon Web Services reducing the prices on one class of its VMs and introducing a service for graphics processing.

    Written by Brandon Butler05 Nov. 13 17:08
  • Rackspace Aims for a More Flexible Public Cloud

    Rackspace Hosting says it has rearchitected its public cloud with a workload-oriented framework designed to deliver optimal performance and price based on the workload. It now comes in two flavors and the company says more are on the way.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud05 Nov. 13 15:47
  • Red Hat Unveils New Offerings, Cloud Certification at VMworld

    he open source solutions provider is showing off demos of its forthcoming CloudForms 2.1 cloud management technology at VMworld in San Francisco. It also announced a new product that integrates Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server as well as a new training and certification program for OpenStack.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud26 Aug. 13 19:42