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  • Which bulk email option is right for you, on-premise or outsource?

    Email is central to increasing customer and employee engagement, and it isn't uncommon for a company to send up to a billion messages in a month. But you have the option to manage that email effort using on-premise resources or outsourcing the duty to an email service provider (ESP). There are pros and cons with both approaches, so here's what you need to consider.

    Written by Jill Resnick, solution consultant at Message Systems22 Aug. 13 23:16
  • Amazon revamps push notification service as cloud providers target mobile developers

    In the fiercely competitive world of IaaS cloud computing driven by a race to the bottom on prices, service providers are constantly looking for new services that can be outsourced from the enterprise to their cloud data centers. Hoping to ride the wave of mobile computing, cloud service providers' latest target is mobile application development.

    Written by Brandon Butler13 Aug. 13 21:17
  • Rackspace President Lew Moorman to step down

    Rackspace President Lew Moorman is stepping down from leading the company, he announced in a blog post today, but will remain on the board of directors of the cloud computing and managed hosting company.

    Written by Brandon Butler25 July 13 22:17
  • Happy birthday, OpenStack! Now change

    As OpenStack celebrates its third birthday this month, some project backers are reflecting on just how far the project has progressed, while pundits are saying that unless it makes some major changes, there may be less to celebrate in years to come.

    Written by Brandon Butler23 July 13 13:56
  • CloudVelocity: Launch apps to Cloud with no change to code

    Hybrid Coud is probably the buzziest of the buzz words in the cloud computing industry right now. VMware is set to launch its vCloud Hybrid Cloud service later this year; Microsoft and Rackspace each tout their hybrid cloud approach. Some question what Amazon's play is in this industry.

    Written by Brandon Butler16 July 13 20:10
  • Tool shows real-time lag, error rates of major cloud providers

    The whole idea of cloud computing is that it's supposed to provide the ability to spin up virtual resources quickly and easily. A new tool from startup Ravello Systems shows that can be done ... sometimes.

    Written by Brandon Butler09 July 13 17:59
  • Rackspace supercharges MongoDB service

    Rackspace is now offering hosted versions of the MongoDB data store, using MongoDB management technologies it acquired from its purchase of ObjectRocket in February. It also has contracted with 10gen, the company shepherding the open source MongoDB, to provide advanced support for the service.

    Written by Joab Jackson21 June 13 20:55
  • CIOs bemoan lock-in and the 'false flexibility' of the Cloud

    Despite the promise of portability from service providers, the reality of the Cloud for big customers is a similar type of lock-in as they experience with on-premise apps vendors such as Oracle and SAP, two CIOs said Tuesday.

    Written by James Niccolai20 June 13 00:33