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  • Rackspace beefs up cloud networking features with Brocade's Vyatta technology

    Public cloud and managed hosting provider Rackspace has rolled technology from Vyatta into its services, allowing customers to set granulated network segmentation policies that dictate which users and what type of traffic have access to which hosted resources.

    Written by Brandon Butler30 May 13 14:18
  • The Cloud goes global

    As competition in the Cloud computing market intensifies, some of the biggest players are looking beyond their domestic borders to gain an international advantage.

    Written by Brandon Butler29 May 13 20:12
  • How VMware will try to shake up the Cloud market this week

    There have been rumors and speculation. There have been whispers and rumblings. But this week VMware is expected to release details about its plans to launch a public Ccloud offering, the central part of its new hybrid Cloud strategy.

    Written by Brandon Butler20 May 13 16:17
  • Rackspace to help customers debug their programs

    Facing fierce competition in the market for cloud services, hosting provider Rackspace has pledged to help its users debug the programs they'll run on Rackspace's OpenStack platform.

    Written by Joab Jackson14 May 13 17:29
  • Google Glass rooted already – and it's really easy

    ChromeOS developer and hacker Liam McLoughlin told Twitter yesterday that not only has he figured out how to gain root access on Google Glass, the task is apparently pretty simple.

    Written by Jon Gold26 April 13 19:58
  • Rackspace, Brocade take on 'patent trolls'

    Cloud computing company Rackspace has sued two companies it describes as 'patent trolls' for breach of contract, and asked a federal court for a declaratory judgment that it did not infringe three patents owned by one of the companies, Parallel Iron.

    Written by John Ribeiro05 April 13 05:22
  • CloudSigma goes all SSD in its cloud

    In what one analyst calls a harbinger of future advancements by cloud providers, European infrastructure as a service (IaaS) company CloudSigma has announced that its cloud storage will run completely on solid state drives (SSD).

    Written by Brandon Butler02 April 13 15:03
  • Cloud prices: How low can they go?

    Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud providers are battling in a price war that has seen 29 price reductions by the four major providers during the past 14 months, a trend industry analysts expect to continue.

    Written by Brandon Butler28 March 13 21:58
  • Red Hat, Rackspace win early dismissal of Uniloc patent suit

    Red Hat and Rackspace have won an early dismissal of a patent infringement claim brought by Uniloc, in a decision the companies are hailing as a potential landmark in intellectual property law.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus28 March 13 14:33
  • Rackspace program looks to 'seed' Cloud workforce

    Rackspace launched the Open Cloud Academy today, a training program to teach skills in various open source areas, such as OpenStack, Hadoop and Linux, with a specific focus on Cloud computing.

    Written by Brandon Butler19 March 13 16:10