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News about recruitment
  • Would you hire a liar?

    ​Nobody likes a liar. Except if you are hiring for sales-orientated jobs, a pilot study by researchers at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business has indicated.

    Written by George Nott17 June 19 15:51
  • Want to attract top tech talent? Have a corporate scandal

    Just under a quarter of technology workers say they are particularly drawn to jobs at companies that have been embroiled in a scandal such as privacy breaches or sexual harassment allegations.

    Written by George Nott26 Feb. 19 12:31
  • How NOT to interview a system administrator

    ​In a Reddit group for system administrators last month, a user posted a question: What's the hardest you've ever noped out of an interview?

    Written by George Nott03 Oct. 18 16:40
Features about recruitment
  • ​The psychology behind staff selection

    Let’s face it. Finding and hiring great talent gets tougher by the day and is a war cry we hear too often.

    Written by Dr. Glyn Brokensha11 May 16 13:57
  • How to work with millennials

    Millennials – they’re disobedient, they ask too many questions and I can’t relate to them. Does this sound like you? If so, it’s high time you made working with this fearless, tech-savvy age group a top priority, because if they’re not working with you, they’re with your competitors, and you're going to lose valuable competitive advantage.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner26 March 15 10:12