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  • Would you hire a liar?

    ​Nobody likes a liar. Except if you are hiring for sales-orientated jobs, a pilot study by researchers at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business has indicated.

    Written by George Nott17 June 19 15:51
  • Want to attract top tech talent? Have a corporate scandal

    Just under a quarter of technology workers say they are particularly drawn to jobs at companies that have been embroiled in a scandal such as privacy breaches or sexual harassment allegations.

    Written by George Nott26 Feb. 19 12:31
  • How NOT to interview a system administrator

    ​In a Reddit group for system administrators last month, a user posted a question: What's the hardest you've ever noped out of an interview?

    Written by George Nott03 Oct. 18 16:40
  • States step out to woo Google HQ

    After the NSW government scuppered Google’s plan to establish a headquarters in Sydney CBD, politicians from other states are stepping out to woo the tech giant.

    Written by George Nott24 April 18 11:24
  • National Gallery seeks first CIO

    The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) – home to 166,000 works of art from Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles, to Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series, and the largest collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander imagery in the world – is seeking its first CIO.

    Written by George Nott05 June 17 15:38
  • University of Melbourne trials blockchain micro-credentials for lecturers

    ​There’s more to being a good educator than having a teaching qualification hung on the wall. A myriad of skills – like the ability to facilitate brainstorming, check students’ understanding or resolve classroom conflicts – are also required.

    Written by George Nott01 May 17 11:25