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  • Wall Street Beat: Business as usual for tech, but gov't crisis casts shadows

    The tech sector appears to be going about business as usual in the face of the U.S. federal government shutdown, but some industry insiders are nervous about a long-term stoppage or, even worse, the possibility of a debt default if a political compromise on the budget is not reached.

    Written by Marc Ferranti04 Oct. 13 20:41
  • Red Hat serves middleware to cloud developers

    In a move to jump ahead of other PaaS (platform as a service) providers in the enterprise space, Red Hat will augment its OpenShift offering with a suite of middleware to ease the process of deploying cloud-based applications.

    Written by Joab Jackson24 Sept. 13 16:19
  • Red Hat continues to burnish Storage Server

    Nearly two years after the purchase of Gluster, Red Hat continues to polish the scale-out storage software for enterprises, making it more compatible with cloud services and Microsoft enterprise software.

    Written by Joab Jackson10 Sept. 13 14:34
  • Red Hat Unveils New Offerings, Cloud Certification at VMworld

    he open source solutions provider is showing off demos of its forthcoming CloudForms 2.1 cloud management technology at VMworld in San Francisco. It also announced a new product that integrates Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server as well as a new training and certification program for OpenStack.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud26 Aug. 13 19:42
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux gets cozy with MongoDB

    Easing the path for organizations to launch big data-styled services, Red Hat has coupled the 10gen MongoDB data store to its new identity management package for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) distribution.

    Written by Joab Jackson30 July 13 14:06
  • Happy birthday, OpenStack! Now change

    As OpenStack celebrates its third birthday this month, some project backers are reflecting on just how far the project has progressed, while pundits are saying that unless it makes some major changes, there may be less to celebrate in years to come.

    Written by Brandon Butler23 July 13 13:56
  • Wall Street Beat: Tech sector faces turbulent market

    Closing out June, tech stocks are up for the year but have not enjoyed the full fruits of a bull market that has boosted the Dow to its best first half since 1999, right before the dot-com crash.

    Written by Marc Ferranti28 June 13 20:58
  • Forrester: PaaS makes developers happy

    Although the platform as a service (PaaS) market is smaller than both IaaS and SaaS segments of the Cloud computing industry, research firm Forrester says this technology could be one of the most important cloud-based services for businesses moving forward.

    Written by Brandon Butler18 June 13 18:18