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  • Groups want to 'reset the 'Net' to resist NSA surveillance

    Web users and developers should take new steps to avoid surveillance by the U.S. National Security Agency and other spy organizations, a group of privacy and digital rights advocates said Monday.

    Written by Grant Gross06 May 14 04:52
  • FCC pressured to regulate broadband in net neutrality spat

    Critics who say a new U.S. Federal Communications Commission proposal to restore net neutrality rules is too weak are increasing pressure on the agency to reclassify broadband as a regulated, common-carrier service like the traditional telephone network.

    Written by Grant Gross01 May 14 04:27
  • Tech firms oppose fast-tracking of Trans-Pacific Partnership

    A group of 29 technology companies has urged the U.S. Congress to reject a proposal to give President Barack Obama's administration broad authority to negotiate a controversial trade agreement with countries in the Pacific region.

    Written by Grant Gross20 March 14 20:01
  • NSA protest results in tens of thousands of phone calls, emails

    Organizers of The Day We Fight Back, a protest Tuesday against U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programs, called the effort a "tremendous success," with nearly 100,000 phone calls made to U.S. lawmakers and 185,000 people signing up to send email blasts to their congressional representatives.

    Written by Grant Gross14 Feb. 14 19:13
  • More than 4,000 groups sign up to protest NSA

    More than 4,000 groups and websites have signed on to support a day of protest against U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programs, scheduled for Tuesday.

    Written by Grant Gross06 Feb. 14 17:29
  • 7 highlights from Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe's Reddit AMA

    Father of Ethernet Bob Metcalfe bravely dove back into the Reddit Ask Me Anything pool on Wednesday, deftly fielding questions from the masses about everything from techie topics like SDN to news topics like the NSA to random topics like bar fighting.

    Written by Bob Brown05 Feb. 14 22:12
  • Advocacy groups plan day of protest against NSA surveillance

    A group of activist groups and Internet companies are planning a coordinated protest of U.S. National Security Agency surveillance on Feb. 11, with the hope that millions of people will join them.

    Written by Grant Gross10 Jan. 14 17:21
  • Tech titans urge surveillance reform

    An industry consortium featuring some of the biggest names in technology – including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Reddit – is urging the Obama Administration to support a major overhaul of laws governing electronic surveillance.

    Written by Jon Gold10 Dec. 13 18:04
  • Small biz admins squawk over Windows 8.1 updates

    Small business IT administrators are angry at Microsoft for making them update each Windows 8 machine individually to Windows 8.1, a tedious task that requires them to point each device at the Windows Store and download a 3GB file.

    Written by Gregg Keizer18 Oct. 13 18:50