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  • How to balance cloud investment risk

    The C-suite and boards of directors often think about investment decisions under three key pillars – Will this decision make money? Will it save money elsewhere? And what is the risk?

    Written by Neville Vincent14 Jan. 19 14:52
  • Cyber guru says CIOs need ‘attitudinal shifts’ towards risk

    Tech chiefs need to focus on “internal collaboration” and treat the potential for a cyber security attack as a strategic business risk rather than an IT or information security one, says cyber specialist Sarah Stephens.​

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien09 March 18 11:57
  • Turnbull government announces $1.1B innovation plan

    The Turnbull government has announced a $1.1 billion innovation plan to encourage risk taking activity that fosters a more entrepreneurial culture, supports early stage startups, promotes science and computing, and drives innovative research.​

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner07 Dec. 15 16:01
  • ME restructures tech team

    ME has restructured its IT team less than a month after announcing the completion of its five-year technology rebuild.

    Written by Byron Connolly21 July 15 15:24
  • Risk management lagging in digital world

    Two thirds of CIOs believe their risk management strategies are failing to keep up with new threats created by the shift to digital, a Gartner survey has found.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner19 March 15 13:21
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Cybersecurity Insurance

    Cybersecurity insurance transfers some of the financial risk of a security breach to the insurer. But it doesn't do a good job of covering the reputation damage and business downturn that can be triggered by a security breach.

    Written by Lucian Constantin29 April 14 07:50
  • KinCare goes all in on cloud

    The CIO of aged care provider KinCare has said he will have moved everything to the cloud by the end of the year.

    Written by Adam Bender21 March 14 16:14
  • Cloud debate now about speed and sophistication

    Moving to an as-a-service computing model is inevitable and the discussion across enterprises is no longer just about risk but rather the speed by which services can be delivered to achieve competitive advantage, argues Bernadette Jew.

    Written by Bernadette Jew11 Dec. 13 12:11