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  • Coming to terms with marketing technology

    With marketers become ever-more reliant on technology and importantly, data integration, to deliver the customer experiences organisations need today, CIOs can no longer afford to ignore the many platforms and solutions at their disposal.

    Written by Brad Howarth22 Sept. 14 09:32
  • Govt needs to open door to cloud

    Federal government agencies should stop putting all their eggs in one cloud computing basket, take some risk and open up the door for multiple local service providers to offer competing services inside each department.

    Written by Byron Connolly05 May 14 10:14
  • Where is green IT heading in 2013?

    Analysts predict an uptake in trigeneration technology and data centre infrastructure management tools, and that there will be more consolidation of IT infrastructure, more sophisticated monitoring and reporting of energy use, and driving down energy costs will become a top priority for CIOs next year.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett13 Dec. 12 12:14