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  • Aussie businesses targeted in router, switch exploit

    ​The Australian Cyber Security Centre has seen local businesses hit by “cyber adversaries” attempting to extract configuration files from their routers and switches.

    Written by Leon Spencer16 Aug. 17 13:20
  • Nuage visualizes the SDN

    <a href="">Nuage Networks</a> this week released an application designed to better integrate physical and virtual networks.

    Written by Jim Duffy14 May 15 02:15
  • Juniper virtualizes MX router to help companies more rapidly turn-up services

    <a href="">Juniper Networks</a> this week introduced a virtualized version of its MX Series 3D edge router to fulfill carrier requirements for <a href="">Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)</a>.

    Written by Jim Duffy06 Nov. 14 23:10
  • Heartbleed Bug hits at heart of many Cisco, Juniper products

    The Heartbleed Bug, a flaw in OpenSSL that would let attackers eavesdrop on Web, e-mail and some VPN communications, is a vulnerability that can be found not just in servers using it but also in network gear from Cisco and Juniper Networks. Both vendors say there's still a lot they are investigating about how Heartbleed impacts their products, and to expect updated advisories on a rolling basis.

    Written by Ellen Messmer11 April 14 09:16
  • Cisco revamps enterprise product pricing

    SAN JOSE -- In an effort simplify enterprise customer procurements, Cisco is implementing a licensing model for data center, WAN and access product purchases.

    Written by Jim Duffy05 March 14 23:18
  • Juniper, Nokia hooking up?

    Nokia is reportedly considering acquiring Juniper Networks and combining it with its Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) business to increase U.S. service provider market penetration.

    Written by Jim Duffy20 Feb. 14 20:39
  • Juniper SDN veteran lands at Brocade

    Brocade has named former Cisco and Juniper engineer Benson Schliesser as distinguished engineer, responsible for helping shape the company's network virtualization strategy.

    Written by Jim Duffy10 Jan. 14 16:28
  • 2013: The 12 months of Cisco

    This past year saw several major events and product introductions unfold at Cisco, beginning with an effort to connect cars to the Internet and ending with a solid pipeline in place for its new data center switches and fabric technology. The following is a review of the highlights of the year that was at Cisco, 2013.

    Written by Jim Duffy17 Dec. 13 14:00
  • Juniper buys net optimizer WANDL for $60M

    Juniper Networks this week said it is acquiring WANDL, a maker of network planning, management, design and optimization software for service providers, for $60 million.

    Written by Jim Duffy16 Dec. 13 23:47
  • Juniper EVP Muglia abruptly quits

    Bob Muglia, executive vice president of Juniper Networks' software solutions division, has abruptly resigned from the company following the appointment of a new CEO.

    Written by Jim Duffy11 Dec. 13 17:25