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  • Chinese government still sponsoring cyber-espionage, says FireEye COO

    A year ago, Mandiant, since acquired by FireEye, issued a long report called "APT1" that accused China's People's Liberation Army of launching cyber-espionage attacks against 141 companies in 20 industries through a group known as "PLA Unit 61398" operating mainly from Shanghai.

    Written by Ellen Messmer28 Feb. 14 19:28
  • Cisco: $US300,000 prize for Internet of Things security apps

    Cisco has kicked off a contest with $US300,000 in prize money that challenges security experts around the world to put together ways to secure what's now called the Internet of Things, the wide range of non-traditional computing devices used on the electric grid, in healthcare and many other industries.

    Written by Ellen Messmer28 Feb. 14 15:26
  • Is SDN your next security nightmare?

    The big buzzword in networking these days is Software-Defined Networking (SDN), a de-coupling of the data plane and the control plane that allows you to manage physical devices via a software-based controller sitting on a general purpose server.

    Written by Neal Weinberg28 Feb. 14 15:26