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  • Hollywood studios pushing for secure, next-generation "digital home library"

    Home entertainment today is often provided through a clutter of TVs, tablets, and computers, along with TV specialty boxes for yet more streaming video or music services. But some Hollywood studios are hoping to find better ways to deliver paid content to consumers directly to hard drives and flash storage, according to Cryptography Research, which is working on a futuristic project to do that.

    Written by Ellen Messmer24 Oct. 12 19:55
  • SanDisk releases new SSDs for old computers

    SanDisk has introduced a new line of solid-state drives (SSDs) that it's marketing directly to retail consumers versus computer system manufacturers.

    Written by Lucas Mearian26 July 11 07:45
  • Sandisk updates SSD line with SATA III models

    Sandisk has updated its line of solid-state drives (SSDs) for tablet and portable computers with models that feature higher performance.

    Written by Martyn Williams31 May 11 11:04
  • SanDisk to buy SSD maker Pliant for $327M

    Flash memory vendor SanDisk today agreed to acquire Pliant Technology, a maker of enterprise-class solid state drives, for about $327 million in cash.

    Written by Lucas Mearian17 May 11 02:14
  • SanDisk, Toshiba one up Intel, introduce 19nm flash memory

    SanDisk and its partner Toshiba announced this week a 64Gbit NAND flash memory chip using 19-nanometer (nm) technology, a process one size smaller than the memory chip Intel and Micron announced last week.

    Written by Lucas Mearian23 April 11 01:26
  • All SanDisk USB sticks to get encrypted 'vault'

    Storage giant SanDisk has come up with a new half-way house for consumers who want to use encryption on portable USB without diving in at the deep end.

    Written by John E Dunn11 Jan. 11 02:33
  • SanDisk enters set-top box market

    SanDisk today announced a joint agreement with middleware vendor NDS MediaHighway that will allow it to sell its solid-state drives (SSD) to set-top box makers.

    Written by Lucas Mearian10 Sept. 10 06:34
  • SanDisk releases postage stamp-sized SSD

    SanDisk Wednesday unveiled a solid state drive (SSD) that is smaller than a postage stamp and weighs less than a paperclip.

    Written by Lucas Mearian19 Aug. 10 03:59
  • SanDisk reveals the SSD perfect for mobile computing

    Solid state drives just got a whole lot smaller. Memory maker SanDisk introduced a new super compact memory chip that is smaller than your average postage stamp and lighter than a paperclip.

    Written by Chris Brandrick19 Aug. 10 08:00
  • Toshiba, SanDisk look to boost flash production

    Toshiba Corp. announced today that it has started construction on a new NAND flash chip fabrication facility - dubbed Fab 5 -- at its Yokkaichi City Operations in Japan. The facility, a joing venture with long-time business partner SanDisk Corp., will turn out about 210,000 NAND wafers a month when it becomes fully operational.

    Written by Lucas Mearian15 July 10 05:36