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  • Siemens: Removing SCADA worm may harm plants

    Removing a dangerous worm that targets industrial systems could disrupt plant operations, Siemens Industry warned customers Thursday.

    Written by Robert McMillan23 July 10 05:15
  • New virus targets industrial secrets

    Siemens is warning customers of a new and highly sophisticated virus that targets the computers used to manage large-scale industrial control systems used by manufacturing and utility companies.

    Written by Robert McMillan19 July 10 09:22
  • Sydney Water begins SCADA upgrade

    Three years after announcing it would upgrade Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems at its filtration plants, Sydney Water will start an 80-week project scheduled to begin this year at the Nepean catchment.

    Written by Rodney Gedda22 June 10 10:15
  • Sensor net deployed in flood warning study

    Researchers in the United Kingdom are deploying a trial network of wireless sensors intended to help predict river flooding.

    Written by John Cox27 Oct. 06 23:33
  • Contractor pleads guilty to SCADA tampering

    A former IT consultant for an oil and gas exploration company has pleaded guilty to tampering with the company's computer systems after he was turned down for a permanent position with the company.

    Written by Robert McMillan24 Sept. 09 07:24