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  • ​Why you should embrace Shadow IT

    As a CIO, you will discover business-driven projects are already underway and you or your team haven’t been included in them. How do you react to this?

    Written by David Gee28 Nov. 16 11:00
  • Curtin Uni IT team pulls itself together

    Last year, Western Australia's largest university identified a shadow IT problem caused by a lack of trust between the IT department and business units. Richard Addiscott director of IT planning, governance and security explains how he filled the 'trust chasm'.

    Written by George Nott05 Sept. 16 14:23
  • Linear roadmaps unrealistic for collaboration tools

    Companies working on a collaboration and unified communications strategy need to accept that it will not be a linear process, according to Forrester analyst, Tim Sheedy.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner04 June 15 16:34
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  • CIO Insights: Dealing with shadow IT

    Businesses used to rely on experts to provide advice about which technology to buy. Now, users can purchase a service in no time with only a browser and a credit card, allowing them to bypass IT.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett28 Jan. 14 09:00