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  • SharePoint 2010: Three Ways Sony Is Using It

    Sony Electronics, the division of Sony Corporation that designs and develops the company's cameras, computers, TVs and other devices, is making a broad move to SharePoint 2010 to improve search, social networking and document sharing.

    Written by Shane O'Neill31 May 10 03:58
  • Productivity Tools in the Cloud: Real World Best Practices

    If you're an enterprise deciding whether now is the time to migrate your e-mail or SharePoint environment into a cloud service, there is a method to all this cloud madness. And if done right, it could transform your company's identity.

    Written by Shane O'Neill25 March 10 07:48
  • How to Build a Business Case For SharePoint

    Developing a business case for any IT investment is a complicated exercise. But building a business case for SharePoint poses specific challenges because much of its ROI is intangible: SharePoint deployments can lead to process improvements, but it's not always easy to quantify the dollar value of those process improvements.

    Written by Russ Edelman20 Oct. 09 08:21
  • Microsoft SharePoint vs. Enterprise 2.0 Start-ups

    This week represents an important inflection point for the Enterprise 2.0 market, a set of software vendors that sell social networking technologies to businesses. Analysts say the number of competitors will consolidate in the coming year as Microsoft captures greater market share. The start-ups that will survive must carve out a longterm place for themselves by building applications that are far more innovative and cheaper than those of the incumbent software giant.

    Written by C.G. Lynch23 June 09 03:19

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