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  • Forthcoming PCI changes will bring challenges for payment card network community

    Organizations that make use of SSH keys for secure access to servers should be aware that they may need to make some changes soon when it comes to managing any of their networks related to payment-card processing, according to the CEO of SSH Communications security, Tatu Ylonen.

    Written by Ellen Messmer01 Oct. 13 19:09
  • iPhone 5 case quick review: Kubxlab Ultra Thin Cases

    One thing you learn quickly in the tech journalism world: Once you write about something, the PR and marketing world assumes you are going to write more and more and more about that subject.

    Written by Bob Brown21 Aug. 13 11:22
  • Father of SSH working on new version of crypto standard

    The Secure Shell (SSH) cryptographic network protocol that's supported in software for server authentication and machine-to-machine communications is headed for a significant update.

    Written by Ellen Messmer09 April 13 20:07
  • Aust is great place to do business: Shell

    Global oil giant Shell maintains Australia is a great place to do business, despite putting its ageing Geelong refinery up for sale.

    Written by Kim Christian05 April 13 11:33
  • Quick Review: Xentris Wireless iPhone 5 case

    Recently freed from my BlackBerry Bold, I'm a new iPhone 5 user. I've nervously been carrying around the unprotected magical device for the past week and today finally bought a case.

    Written by Bob Brown13 Feb. 13 20:19
  • Rules of Engagement

    Shell's Ecosystem Guiding Principles mandate how its 11 core vendors should treat Shell and each other. To mitigate competition between suppliers-on Shell territory, at least-CIO Alan Matula has banned most salesmen from his offices and demands Shell and vendor staff respect the culture and heritage of each other's companies.

    Written by Kim S. Nash01 Dec. 11 04:45
  • Human Services appoints former ANZ CIO

    The Department of Human Services (DHS) has appointed a former ANZ Australia CIO, Gary Sterrenburg, after a four month search.

    Written by Chloe Herrick07 Oct. 11 10:46
  • IT outsourcing: Study highlights impediments to innovation

    A survey of European CIOs reveals that 67 per cent of IT leaders say they rely on outsourcers to turn ideas into new and improved processes, but just a third actually measure the impact of innovation delivered by their service providers.

    Written by Stephanie Overby31 March 11 03:26
  • Voltage IP posts $114k 1H loss

    Suspended former information security company Voltage IP (ASX:VIP) has reported a $114k loss for 1H11, and said it spent the half-year searching for new business opportunities

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling11 March 11 17:41