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  • Skype files IPO registration with SEC

    Skype SA seeks to raise US$100 million through an initial public offering (IPO) in the U.S., as the Luxembourg-based provider of Internet telephony, video calling and instant messaging communications seeks to diversify and boost its user base and revenue.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez10 Aug. 10 07:09
  • Skype avoids antitrust suit in settlement with IDT

    Three weeks ago, telecommunications company IDT Corp. filed a civil antitrust complaint against eBay and Skype, but the companies, which have also been in a patent dispute since 2006, have now settled all their differences.

    Written by Nancy Gohring06 Aug. 10 09:54
  • Skype's new iPhone app makes calls over 3G

    Skype has launched a new version of its client for Apple's iPhone that can make calls to other Skype users over a 3G network, it said on Sunday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs31 May 10 20:01
  • Skype worm no cause for panic, says expert

    Security research firm Bkis earlier this month warned of a vicious virus targeting both Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. BKIS said in a <a href="http://blog.bkis.com/en/skype-new-target-of-the-worm-spreading-via-im/">blog post</a> the attack involved inserting malicious URLs into chat windows with sophisticated social engineering hooks.

    Written by Joan Goodchild19 May 10 01:07
  • Skype fixes bugs in upgraded iPhone application

    Skype has released the latest version of its application for the iPhone, adding new features and fixing a couple of annoying bugs that hung up calls.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk19 Jan. 10 06:44
  • Tech tools tell the story of earthquake in Haiti

    The worst earthquake to hit the Caribbean in 200 years struck Haiti on Tuesday. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck near the Haitian Capital of Port-au-Prince, where it devastated the tiny nation, causing an unknown number of deaths and widespread destruction. But despite being the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti's Internet connected devices were key tools in telling the rest of the world about the emerging crisis.

    Written by Ian Paul14 Jan. 10 03:31
  • Skype video calls go high-definition

    Skype users can now make high-definition video calls as long as they have an HD webcam and sufficient bandwidth and processing power, Skype said on Tuesday. The company also announced that HDTVs will ship later this year with its Internet calling software embedded on them.

    Written by James Niccolai05 Jan. 10 16:03
  • Skype for Business too risky?

    If you're thinking about using Skype for Business as a way to save money you might want to put it off until the courts settle lawsuits that swirl around plans to sell the company.

    Written by Tim Greene27 Oct. 09 09:05
  • Skype founders sue Skype

    With a similar legal battle playing out in the U.K., a company owned by Skype's founders has filed suit against Skype in the U.S.

    Written by Nancy Gohring17 Sept. 09 06:21
  • EBay reaches deal to sell Skype

    EBay Tuesday announced it has signed an agreement to sell its Skype voice-over-IP service to a group of private investors in a deal that values the business at US$2.75 billion.

    Written by Marc Ferranti02 Sept. 09 00:26
  • Skype to regulators: Push mobile operators to allow VoIP

    Skype, the Internet telephony provider, Thursday urged regulators in Europe to intervene to ensure that users aren't blocked from using their mobile phones to access much cheaper phone calls via the Internet.

    Written by Paul Meller17 July 09 05:59