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  • Skype enables video on more Android smartphones

    Skype has released version 2.1 of its application for Android, which allows more smartphones and tablets based on Google's operating system to use its video calling feature, it said in a blog post on Thursday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs04 Aug. 11 21:05
  • Skype for iPad goes live, for a while

    Skype's Internet phone and video chat application for Apple's iPad was available late Monday, but was quickly pulled from Apple's online stores. Skype said in a Twitter message that it had gone live prematurely.

    Written by John Ribeiro02 Aug. 11 16:52
  • Researchers finds dangerous vulnerability in Skype

    A security consultant has notified Skype of a cross-site scripting flaw that could be used to change the password on someone's account, according to details posted online.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk15 July 11 23:20
  • India wants to intercept Skype, Google communications

    The controversy over India's demand that it be allowed to monitor online and mobile communications resurfaced again on Wednesday, with an Indian minister telling reporters that the government had asked Skype, Google, and several other companies to give it access.

    Written by John Ribeiro13 July 11 23:59
  • Net neutrality goes Dutch

    While the Netherlands is primarily known for windmills, tulips and legalized marijuana, it could soon be known for its net neutrality regulations as well.

    Written by Brad Reed24 June 11 02:01
  • Skype executives depart after Microsoft buyout

    Eight Skype executives have departed the company following Microsoft's $8.5 billion buyout in May, a Skype spokeswoman confirmed on Monday.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk20 June 11 22:08
  • Microsoft, Skype deal gets U.S. clearance

    Microsoft has received clearance from U.S. antitrust regulators for its proposed purchase of Internet telephony company Skype.

    Written by John Ribeiro20 June 11 14:17
  • Comcast's Skype TV calling could be a hit

    Comcast subscribers will soon have the option to place video calls through their television, thanks to a partnership with VoIP provider Skype announced on Tuesday. Customers will need additional equipment to use the new feature.

    Written by Ed Oswald15 June 11 08:16
  • Skype sign-in problems knock millions offline

    Millions of Skype users were having trouble on Tuesday signing into the application, less than two weeks after the company published software updates for Windows and Mac computers to fix a similar problem.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk08 June 11 00:08
  • Logitech's LifeSize aims for Android video soon

    Logitech's LifeSize division expects to bring one-way video streaming to Android devices in a few months and introduce a two-way videoconferencing system to tablets and smartphones later this year.

    Written by Stephen Lawson01 June 11 10:09
  • Skype's asterisk move begins its closed future

    When Microsoft announced its purchase of Skype earlier this month, it took great pains to affirm its commitment to continuing support for the technology on platforms other than Windows.

    Written by Katherine Noyes26 May 11 03:26