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  • Android steals the lead from Apple in Australia

    Smartphones using the Android operating system have taken the lead over iPhones using Apple’s iOS for the first time, according to research from Telsyte.

    Written by Stephanie McDonald12 Dec. 12 10:29
  • Younger people, men more likely to get news via tablet

    More and more Americans -- particularly if they are younger, richer and male -- are getting more and more of their news content from smartphones and tablets, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

    Written by Jon Gold11 Dec. 12 21:20
  • The smartphone is 20 years old, believe it or not

    The breakneck pace of change in the smartphone world is well known: Since the iPhone catalyzed popular demand in 2007, development has been moving faster and faster, to the point where devices are out of date mere months after their release. However, this wasn't always the case. In fact, according to some estimates, the smartphone is actually all of 20 years old, as of last Friday.

    Written by Jon Gold27 Nov. 12 13:43
  • Mobile App Developers Speak: 'Stick to One Platform'

    Shall it be iOS, Android or Windows 8? It's a tough choice these days for developers. Here are some words of advice from two in-demand developers. Key tip: Don't be a platform jumper.

    Written by Shane O'Neill14 Nov. 12 23:32
  • Can Windows 8 Give Developers What iOS and Android Lack?

    Microsoft's future hinges on attracting developers to build Windows 8 apps. But by offering financial incentives, supporting a range of programming languages and allowing developers to write code once for multiple devices, those developers may soon follow.

    Written by Shane O'Neill07 Nov. 12 20:10
  • Can BYOD bury the hatchet between IT and business?

    BYOD can wreak havoc on the tenuous relationship between IT and the business. But networking giant Cisco, which has a sophisticated bring-your-own device (BYOD) plan for employees, is hoping more reasonable BYOD policies that permit personal cloud services will help bridge the gap.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige & Byron Connolly19 Nov. 12 11:20
  • Wednesday Grok: No juice in your sparkling iPhone 4S

    Batteries are boring...until they stop working, then they are very, very boring. Right now, the most boring battery in the world is the one in Apple's new iPhone 4S. Where's our talk time? Where's all that tasty standby time?

    Written by Andrew Birmingham02 Nov. 11 09:57
  • New security flaws ID'd in BlackBerry 6 OS, enterprise IM apps

    It's been more than two months since Research In Motion (RIM) reported a BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) security flaw, but the Canadian company has announced a handful of recently discovered vulnerabilities in its BlackBerry 6 handheld OS and BES for IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange. BlackBerry Torch 9800 with Padlock (Image Credit: Brian Sacco)

    Written by Al Sacco25 Oct. 11 03:30