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  • After bias furor, Facebook replaces people with algorithms

    After taking heat earlier this year over allegations of political bias, Facebook announced that it's replacing fallible humans with new algorithms to select items for its "Trending" topics feature.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin30 Aug. 16 06:16
  • Why Snapchat is the next big thing in digital marketing

    Snapchat is still a relatively small, 'niche' social network, at least compared to Facebook or Twitter, but its more than 100 million seemingly addicted users represent piles of potential customers, and today's savvy digital marketers want in on the action.

    Written by Matt Kapko11 March 16 23:53
  • Paid endorsements get Xbox One marketer in trouble with FTC

    Online entertainment network Machinima has reached a settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for failing to disclose it paid people to produce endorsement videos for the Xbox One gaming console.

    Written by Grant Gross02 Sept. 15 20:31
  • How marketers can seize the mobile moment

    Marketers and advertisers shudder when they think about the great consumer rush to mobile. With a smartphone's tiny screen and a mobile consumer's fleeting attention span, marketers face an enormous challenge capitalizing on mobility.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige04 June 15 03:08
  • Progressive Offers Its Take on Facebook's Video Ads

    What's it like being one of the first brands to use Facebook's auto-play video ads? Progressive and its agency Arnold tells CIO.com the entire experience was easy, liberating and even a 'breathe of fresh air.'

    Written by Matt Kapko03 June 14 05:11
  • Facebooks Declining Organic Reach a 'Real Nightmare' for Marketers

    Facebook can't be faulted for following the same path as other mass media channels that came before it with regards to advertising, but there are many marketers who are still hoping for something different this time around.

    Written by Matt Kapko05 April 14 01:33