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  • SharePoint 2010: Three Ways Sony Is Using It

    Sony Electronics, the division of Sony Corporation that designs and develops the company's cameras, computers, TVs and other devices, is making a broad move to SharePoint 2010 to improve search, social networking and document sharing.

    Written by Shane O'Neill31 May 10 03:58
  • LinkedIn Tip: Premium Account Elevates Job Seekers

    LinkedIn announced this week a new paid account exclusively for job seekers called the Job Seeker Premium Account. The upgrade, LinkedIn says, is intended to help LinkedIn members stand out from the crowd, reach out to hiring decision makers and manage their job search more effectively.

    Written by Kristin Burnham21 April 10 05:02
  • Why Chatter Matters

    CRM systems have large and intricate databases that describe customer interaction, and most of the effort goes into recording and managing the ongoing conversation between your firm and the customer. CRM systems have information about prospects, customers, e-mail/phone conversations, sales opportunities, and post-sale support. But look inside most CRM systems, and there's very little information about collaboration among your employees: just basic profile identification information and a dozen settings. In most CRM systems, it's difficult to see the totality of a user's activities: the system's focus is on the customer and the development of a deal, not about the conversations happening between users and their attempts to leverage information across your company.

    Written by David Taber16 April 10 04:34
  • Social Networking Profiles Sinking Your Job Search?

    Social networking is a key component of today's job searches because job seekers want to be where hiring managers can find them, and increasingly, hiring managers are cruising social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter to source and vet candidates.

    Written by Meridith Levinson14 April 10 06:44
  • How to Devise a Stellar Social Media Policy: NASA's Tips

    NASA has been exploring social media--a territory still foreign to many businesses--for years now. But back in 2007, as more and more employees began using external <a href="">social media sites</a>, NASA determined that it was time develop a policy--not just to protect the agency, but to protect their employees as well.

    Written by Kristin Burnham22 March 10 06:43
  • Griping Online: Call First, Tweet Later

    I expend a lot of words in this and other venues beating on companies that fail to deliver the high-quality goods and services that customers expect and deserve. The bad news, of course, is that there's still plenty of reason to be angry and dissatisfied with some tech vendors.

    Written by Bill Snyder05 March 10 06:26
  • 5 LinkedIn Groups to Boost Your Social Media Savvy

    How familiar are you with LinkedIn Groups? This section of the social networking site (found on the top navigation bar) is dedicated to communities of professionals based on common interests, experiences, affiliation and goals. Groups can be a great source of industry information and discussions, as well as an effective way to connect with likeminded professionals.

    Written by Kristin Burnham05 March 10 07:00
  • Coupons 2.0: Social Buying Sites That Add Up to Savings

    A website makes you a deal: Pay $25, and they'll give you $50 worth of food at your favorite local restaurant. Sign me up, right? But wait, there's a catch: You need to convince as many of your friends as possible (and your friends' friends) to agree to this deal, because unless 100 people are interested, it's a no-go. Oh, and you have 24 hours to make this happen.

    Written by Kristin Burnham16 Feb. 10 05:17
  • IBM Aims to Bring Apple, Social Networking to the Enterprise

    Big Blue wants a piece of high-flying Apple, as well as a slice of the social networking craze. As Macworld Expo gets underway in San Francisco today, IBM unveiled enterprise-class social software for the iPhone and Mac.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige12 Feb. 10 01:30
  • LinkedIn Quick Tip: How to Reorder Profile Sections

    Instead of adhering to LinkedIn's templated format, you can now arrange the pieces of your profile - like your summary, experience and recommendations - however you see fit.

    Written by Kristin Burnham10 Feb. 10 07:24
  • LinkedIn Tip: Monitoring Who's Viewed My Profile

    What "Who's Viewed My Profile" Is: Located about halfway down your LinkedIn homepage on the right-hand side is a box-"Who's Viewed My Profile"-that gives you two statistics: how many times your profile has been viewed in the last seven days and how many times you have appeared in search results in the last seven days.

    Written by Kristin Burnham27 Jan. 10 06:03
  • 5 Google Labs Projects That Should Be On Your Radar

    Have you checked out Google Labs lately? If not, it's worth a peek. The area, reserved for application and tool prototypes not yet ready for primetime, houses some cool (and crazy) ideas. Past alumni include Google Alerts, the Google Docs suite and Google Reader. Check out these five Google Labs experiments that we'd like to see go mainstream in 2010. Which ones are already on your radar?

    Written by Kristin Burnham18 Dec. 09 08:19