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  • Google restructures, naming parent company Alphabet

    Google will become a subsidiary of a new parent company called Alphabet, under a massive restructuring arrangement designed to let the company's businesses operate more efficiently.

    Written by Zach Miners11 Aug. 15 07:19
  • Psychologists find frisky texters everywhere

    Once thought to be the province of randy teenagers, exchanging sexually explicit messages over mobile devices, a practice known as "sexting," may be far more widespread than assumed.

    Written by Joab Jackson08 Aug. 15 22:00
  • Facebook says Flash security woes could hurt its business

    Earlier this month, a security vulnerability in Adobe Flash compelled Google and Mozilla to temporarily block the plug-in from their browsers. Now, Facebook says the problems with Flash could hurt its bottom line.

    Written by Zach Miners01 Aug. 15 08:15
  • Google to decouple Google+ from some of its sites

    Google is severing the ties between its social network and other of its services, so that users will not need to log in to other sites like YouTube using a Google+ account.

    Written by Zach Miners28 July 15 04:22
  • Get your vendor's A team

    Salespeople peddle the best-case scenario. When you're shopping for systems integration, outsourcing or other complex services, the salespeople will typically assure you that service delivery will be outstanding. They promise that the transition will be completed smoothly by a top-notch implementation team and that ongoing support will be provided by an equally talented operations team. They may well mean what they say, but the sad truth is that not every client can get the A team; somebody has to get the B team or in some cases, the C team.

    Written by Bart Perkins23 July 15 02:07